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Campground Wristbands

Campground Wristbands


Camp – the only place where off-key singing is encouraged. Keeping track of a bustling camp full of excited youngsters is no small challenge. Luckily, organizers have an easy solution: camp wristbands. These creative, affordable, and versatile bands offer more than just admission tracking – they're your key to enhanced security, streamlined organization, and lasting camp memories for everyone. 


Why Campground Wristbands?


Camp wristbands – featuring tents, campfires, and other camp- and summer-themed artwork – are perfect for keeping large groups of campers organized in the great outdoors. These bands come in a wide variety of colors, ideal if you need to differentiate between multiple groups of campers. Certain wristbands can also be customized with your unique logo and messaging. 


Staff can easily identify campers wearing wristbands and ensure that only those with the proper wristbands gain entry. This helps control access to specific areas or activities, which ensures everyone’s safety. 


For campers, Tyvek camp wristbands are comfortable to wear and don’t require constant attention like tickets do. Campers can simply wear their wristbands, eliminating the need for ticket printing or scanning. 


Why Tyvek?

Tyvek wristbands from Wristband Supply are cost-effective, durable, tear-proof, and waterproof – perfect for a hands-on camp environment. Secure adhesive allows campers to move freely without worrying about losing or misplacing their wristband. Wristbands also have a patented die-cut design which easily identifies tampering. This feature helps ensure that only authorized guests can enter. 


Campground Wristbands are Our Specialty

We understand how important it is to keep your camps running smoothly. Wristband Specialty is committed to producing only the highest-quality wristbands to meet your needs. For any questions about our camp wristbands, or any of our other wristband products, call (954) 571-3993 or email


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