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Custom Plastic

Plastic wristbands offer an affordable and straightforward way to practice gate control at events and facilities. At Wristband Specialty, we take security seriously, which is why we manufacture each band with a secure snap closure. This guarantees that your bands are not resold or reused. In fact, to be removed, our plastic wristbands must be safely cut from the wrist using scissors. They are waterproof, tamper-resistant, and can be used for up to seven days. We offer three types of custom plastic wristbands–standard, wide, and hologram bands.


Custom Plastic Wristbands


Custom Plastic Wristbands - 3 Types


Standard Plastic Wristbands


Our standard plastic wristbands are ⅝” wide and 10” long. This ensures that the band can accommodate any wrist size. These are our most popular type of plastic wristbands and are often used in campgrounds, concerts, venues, and resorts. 


Wide Plastic Wristbands


Our wide plastic wristbands are 1 ⅛” wide by 10” long. The extra width of the band offers additional space for your design, so you can create bigger and more detailed customizations for your bands. These custom plastic wristbands offer the same extended durability and comfort as our other plastic bands.


Hologram Wristbands


Our plastic hologram wristbands are popular in clubs, bars, and concert venues because they are fun and sparkly. They are ⅝” wide and 10” long and can be customized with the name of your venue, celebration, or event. These bands reflect lights and twinkle, adding a little extra fun to your admission process.


Custom Plastic Wristbands are Our Specialty


We understand how important security is to your celebration, which is why we are committed to producing only the highest-quality admission wristbands. If you have questions about any of our many wristband products, be sure to get in touch with us. You can call us at (954) 571-3993, or by email at



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