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Custom Plastic


Why customize plastic wristbands?

Custom plastic wristbands are a top choice for events that need a band that is secure but comfortable. They are durable for multi-day use events. Custom plastic wristbands are a cheap option if you are planning to keep crowd control on your weekend-long festival, VIP at a club, or your next fundraiser our plastic custom wristbands have you covered.

All custom plastic wristbands come with a snap closure that must be destroyed to remove it from your wrist, making them a one-time-use band. We do carry many styles of custom plastic wristbands, which vary in width and finish.

Our regular Plastic can be printed with text or logo it’s great for long events and widely used in hotels for their pool area as well as on cruise lines.


Not just regular plastic but also wide plastic, and hologram.


We have our fun, hologram plastic, loved by clubs to make their patrons in VIP feel extra special with the sparkly finish of this band. The elegant design of this wristband is great for holiday parties, and weddings, and to bring any event to the next level. Just like our regular plastic wristbands, they can be custom printed.

Our wide plastic is used in a lot of hospitals, medical facilities, and any customer who just need an extra printing space.  Wider bands give you a wider printable area while the strap of the band is the same as the standard. This makes them easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Just like our regular plastic wristbands, they can be custom printed.


When to use plastic wristbands?


For all of our plastic wristbands, we recommend that you use them for 3 - 7 days. Not only are our bands secure, printed, and comfortable they also are waterproof. The production time for custom plastic wristbands does take 12-15 days normally but we are able to rush and meet almost if not all any deadline. A wristband expert is always ready and eager to help you with all your questions, send us an email today to We look forward to hearing from you and helping with your next event.

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