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Shot Tubes

Shot Tubes


Say goodbye to traditional shot glasses, and hello to fun and convenience. Shot tubes from Wristband Specialty will elevate your parties, making them memorable and hassle-free. 


Why Shot Tubes?


Shot tubes are perfect for bars, nightclubs, or any large event where alcohol is served! A cost-effective, creative way to serve shots and get the party going, shot tubes come in 5” and 6” heights in quantities of 1000. Not only practical (no more spilled shots or broken shot glasses) they offer a modern aesthetic that the crowd will appreciate. 


Shot Tubes are Our Specialty


We understand how important it is to keep the party going in a fun and practical way. Wristband Supply is committed to producing only the highest-quality shot tubes for your events. If you have questions about our shot tubes – or any wristband products – call (954) 571-3993 or email

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