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Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands offer extended durability that can’t be beaten. Made from a multi-layer vinyl construction, our bands are suitable for long-term use. Commonly used at fairs, festivals, and resorts, vinyl wristbands can be used for weeks reliably. Each band features a secure locking snap that prevents the band from being resold, reused, or otherwise transferred. We offer three types of vinyl wristbands, which can all be customized!


Vinyl Wristbands


Three Types of Vinyl Wristbands


Regular Vinyl Wristbands


Our standard vinyl wristbands are 10 1/8" in length by  3/4" in width, which allows them to accommodate any wrist size. We offer eleven different colors and packs of both 100 and 500 bands. Vinyl wristbands are not only practical but also comfortable to wear, making them a preferred choice for both staff and attendees. 


Wide Vinyl Wristbands


Wide vinyl wristbands are the go-to choice for those seeking a bolder and more noticeable means of identification and access control at events and venues. With their wider width compared to standard wristbands, they offer a larger canvas for customization, allowing for more prominent branding, vibrant graphics, or additional information. These wristbands are crafted from the same durable and comfortable vinyl material, ensuring a secure and long-lasting fit throughout the duration of the event. 


Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands


Tabbed vinyl wristbands are a practical and organized solution for event management and access control. These wristbands feature additional tabs that extend from the main wristband, creating a convenient space for customization or adding essential information like event schedules, meal options, or drink tokens. Many events rely on vinyl tabbed wristbands to monitor (and, at times, limit) alcohol consumption. Using their wristbands, guests can simply redeem food and drink using the tear-off tabs on their wristbands.


Custom Plastic Wristbands are Our Specialty


We understand how important security is to your celebration, which is why we are committed to producing only the highest-quality vinyl wristbands. If you have questions about any of our many wristband products, be sure to get in touch with us. You can call us at (954) 571-3993, or by email at


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