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Custom Wristbands


Custom Wristbands


Custom Wristbands | Personalized Security Bracelets


Custom wristbands have one of two purposes: admission and expression. Custom wristbands for admission allow venues and event organizers to add a personal touch to their security efforts, cut down on fraudulent entry, and add a bit of fun to their crowd control programs. On the other hand, custom wristbands that are used for expression are typically used to promote a brand, organization, or cause. Whatever your reason for using these bands, you can create the perfect design right from our website. First things first, choose the material that best suits your needs.


Custom Wristband Materials




Tyvek is a strong, durable, paper-like material that offers an affordable way to secure your event or venue. Tyvek wristbands are ideal for short-term events that last 72 hours or less. You can often find Tyvek wristbands at concerts, waterparks, pubs, and conventions. These bands feature a secure, tamper-resistant adhesive which prevents fraud and accommodates any wrist size. 




Plastic wristbands are the preferred security solution for festivals, campgrounds, corporate outings, and more. Plastic wristbands are designed for a week of durability and feature a secure locking snap which prevents the band from being used multiple times. This allows you to reduce fraud at your event and ensure a better guest experience.




Vinyl wristbands are a level above our plastic wristbands. Manufactured for up to fourteen days of reliable use, they are also designed for comfort and have a soft, smooth texture. Like our plastic offering, vinyl wristbands feature a secure lock that prevents tampering and allows you to keep your event secure over long time periods.




Cloth wristbands are often used at events where wristbands are used as souvenirs by guests to help remember the fun they had. A perfect example of this would be a large music festival. You can customize our cloth wristbands to fit the  your exact event and branding right from our website. Their comfortability and slick design make them a favorite at big events. 




Silicone wristbands are different from our other product offerings because while they don’t make the best admission wristbands, they are excellent for fundraising, brand promotion, and self-expression. Often referred to as rubber bracelets, these bands are made of 100% silicone and are latex free and are designed to be worn indefinitely. 


Why Customize Wristbands?


Personalized Security  


When you use custom wristbands, you eliminate the risk of having your bands impersonated. We have heard many complaints about gate crashers purchasing wristbands of the same color as those used at an event and using them to enter without paying for admission. Worse yet, they might even sell these bands to others looking to sneak in as well. When you use a custom design, you make it impossible for this to happen. Of course, this strategy doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of fraud, but it makes it much easier to spot trespassers and remove them from your event.


Better Guest Experience


If your event goes for multiple days, or you can reasonably expect that guests may want to leave and re-enter throughout the day(s), then wristbands make it incredibly easy to verify guest status at your entry points. On that same wavelength, wristbands make it very easy to differentiate different guest tiers, which is great if you offer VIP or backstage passes. In short, custom wristbands make gaining access to your event incredibly easy, which helps reduce wait times and allows for an improved guest experience.




Custom wristbands are fun for the user and the designer. As the designer, you can make your bands unique to your event by adding custom text, logos, and graphics. As a user, you get a sense of belonging. So whether you are designing Tyvek wristbands for a concert or pink silicone wristbands for a fundraiser, custom wristbands adds value to your guest experience!


Get Started 


We take great pride in offering our customers a seamless buying experience, endless customization options, and top-quality wristbands. We also have experts ready to provide support so that you can host the most amazing event. 


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