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Wristband Specialty was Established in 1973 and now has grown to become Wristband Specialty. The Direct Source for your wristbands.

Wristband Specialty, Inc. concept was launched in 1973 selling as an offspring to the parent company Medical Specialty Products, originally only selling hospital supplies and Medical Wristbands to hospitals. In 2012 we moved our location to a larger facility four times the size of our previous location. After the drinking age in Florida was raised from 18 to 21, our founder started marketing hospital wristbands to bars that could let in 18 years old's with the 21 and ups to determine that 21 yr old were of age to purchase drinks. Previously venues were using invisible ink to stamp patrons and now we also have over 10 colors of invisible ink to offer with the wristbands. 95 percent of our products are manufactured and printed now in the USA.

The alcohol boards approved this measure to ensure that people were tagged who were drinking.

The company also marketed the ability for bars to serve alcohol out of plastic test tubes as shots since it was part of the medical line of products. at the same time as our wristband marketing targeted other entities such as museums, waterparks, carnivals, and many other venues that needed a way to identify patrons who were in their venues by tagging them with wristbands. We have the ability now to make custom wristbands and a wristband without littering when the tab is removed to expose the adhesive, thermal wristbands, Tyvek wristbands, plastic wristbands, vinyl wristbands, Fiberbands®, test tube shot tubes, glow sticks, neon colored straws, glow sticks, thermal tickets, vouchers, tickets for amusement parks and concerts night clubs and much more!!!!

Our company prides itself in having the largest selection of Tyvek wristband colors. See our color chart. We also have a wide variety of Tyvek bands including Wavy edge,1/2" 3/4" 1", and tab-free peel and stick wristbands.

Our most popular wristbands are the Tyvek Fiberbands®. These feel and look like paper but are actually strong, tear-proof fiber. These bands are imprinted with neon ink plus an added security feature of an invisible ink design. This prohibits anyone from duplicating the wristband on a computer or copier which is a common practice. These wristbands and their invisible designs will glow under black light. Another security feature is the fact that we do not print our name and phone number or website on the wristbands or their outer package box like our competitors do. Patrons have been known to see this information and contact your supplier to obtain wristbands.

Our wristbands are offered in over 180 different stock solid colors, designs, and combinations of colors. We change styles and color shades every few months so you will get different designs and color combinations if you order monthly. Our bands are shipped the same day, even custom printed \ Tyvek or Fiberbands®*. Custom-printed Vinyl wristbands are usually shipped within 7 days. Rush orders are accepted.

Our vinyl selection offers the largest selection of styles from wavy edge vinyl ,clear transluscent vinyl, wide vinyl and traditional L style snap on bands. we also have over 15 colors in plastic snap on wristbands also offering plastic wristbands in pre printed designs and designs.

We will take back your excess or unused 1" or 3/4" Fiberbands® and replace them for new complete boxes. This can result in a cost savings of 10% - 30%. Most establishments do not use a complete box of bands in one night and it leaves you with excess bands of a single color. So gather up all excess unused Fiberbands® you purchased from us and we'll replace them by the box. Upon your re-order, we'll send you 1,000 for every 1,000 you give us.


Wristband Specialties Shot Tubes comes, mardi gras beads, racks, and so much more.

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