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Closeout Wristbands

Closeout Wristbands



Closeout wristbands a cost effective alternative


Want the most for your buck? Our closeout wristbands offer you the same top quality and security with reduced cost! Closeout Tyvek wristbands availability will always vary since supplies won’t last due to their low prices! We do however offer a variety of overstock items in discounted prices, in different colors of designs but we can’t guarantee next time you come on the site you’ll be able to catch the same style or color on sale!



Factory second wristbands, also known as closeouts, are the economical choice when you are in need of a fully-functioning wristband but don’t want to pay the full price. The main difference with factory seconds and our regular Tyvek wristbands is they could have cosmetic defects such as the color could be different but it would never impact the safety feature of the band. Another reason why Tyvek wristbands clearance happens is if the serial numbers are mismatched, or missing. We also have misprint Tyvek wristbands that get label as discounted wristbands since nothing particular is wrong with them other than they could be pre-printed from either a previous job or be an old design.


Ensure security with customization on Closeout wristbands


All of our closeout wristbands are 100% customizable, they can be printed with a text or a logo adding an additional layer of security to your event. We offer our closeout Tyvek wristbands in all of ours sizes which are ¾”, 1” and ½”. They all come with a strong adhesive closure that cannot be reused or tampered with. All factory second wristbands are completely functional and have no defects that affect the security or performance of the wristbands and also are water resistant making them perfect for any event!

Need help making up your mind on what wristband is best for you? You can email us directly at, a wristband expert is always ready and eager to help you with all your answer!


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