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Days of the Week Wristbands

Days of the Week Wristbands


Organizing multi-day events can be a complex affair, particularly when managing attendee access and ensuring everyone’s safety. Wristband Supply’s Days of the Week wristbands are the simple and effective solution to streamlining guest flow, elevating event security, and more. 


Why Days of the Week Wristbands?


Why use Days of the Week wristbands for events? These Tyvek wristbands offer clear benefits for events designated for a specific day of the week (or an entire weekend). Whether it is a multi-day camp, weekend festival, or all-day marathon, Days of the Week wristbands help:


Simplify Access Control

Days of the Week wristbands help easily identify attendees at entry points and detect unauthorized entry. Plus, the bands eliminate confusion and expedite entry. 


Enhance Security and Safety Measures

Brightly colored and easily distinguishable, color-coded wristbands offer instant visual identification for staff. Days of the Week wristbands are the perfect security bands – making it easy for security personnel to maintain a safe environment.


Elevate VIP Experiences

Days of the Week wristbands add a touch of luxury and flair to events when used as VIP wristbands. All Access wristbands help identify patrons, and in certain instances, manage backstage and front-of-line access. Make your VIPs or special guests feel valued!

Boost Overall Guest Experience

Minimize wait times and frustration with clear access control, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for every guest.


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