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Vip Plastic Design Wristband

Vip Plastic Design Wristband


Wanting to give special guests the proper VIP treatment? Plastic wristbands are a small detail that plays a crucial role in VIP experience at events. VIP wristbands provide streamlined access control, enhanced security, and elevated guest experience. They are also durable and tamper-proof, ideal for events where secure admissions are needed over multiple days.


Why Use VIP Wristbands?


Distinctive Designs

Wristbands are conveniently pre-printed with VIP messaging for quick and easy online ordering and provide visual identification of VIP guests. Event organizers can quickly pick out high-profile guests from the general crowd by simply looking at their wrists. VIP wristbands come in three distinctive colors – black, green, and blue. 



Crafted from sturdy plastic, our wristbands are built to withstand any occasion – indoor or outdoor – whether it’s a VIP experience at a concert, sporting event, or meet-and-greet. Rain or shine, they stay securely fastened around a guest’s wrist, making them ideal for long-lasting promotions. These bands also feature a tamper-resistant secure locking snap that prevents the band from being accidentally removed, transferred, or resold. 



We understand how important security is at your events. Wristbands help minimize gate crashing and fraudulent entry and are the affordable way to keep track of VIPs, compared to alternatives such as badges and lanyards. Our VIP wristbands feature a secure locking snap and must be removed using scissors, which guarantees that they will not be resold or reused.

Enhanced VIP Experience

Say goodbye to long lines and slow ticket checks. Distinct VIP wristbands allow for quick identification at authorized access points, keeping the VIP experience swift and hassle-free. This helps ensure that high-profile guests feel a sense of exclusivity and have the best experience possible.


VIP Wristbands are Our Specialty

Wristband Specialty is committed to producing the highest-quality wristbands. If you have questions about our VIP wristbands – or any of our other wristband products, call (954) 571-3993 or email


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