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1/2" Tyvek Wristbands

Paper Tyvek Wristbands

1/2” wristbands Solid Colors are the smallest size of Tyvek wristbands we carry. The possibilities are endless with our large spectrum of colors you can choose from. If you can’t decide choose them all. These bands are ideal for toddlers, though they are still one size fits all. ½” Wristbands with Solid Colors can be custom printed with text or logo clear enough to fit within half an inch. With this feature, you may freely express your creativity. Make unique and identifiable wristbands compared to generic wristbands you can find in other stores or online websites.
The multiple colors we carry allow you to have full control when deciding how you want to distribute the wristbands. Divide your group into sections abiding by the color or text of the wristband. Divide your event into sections subject to the time of entrance. With the 1/2” wristbands' solid colors, the possibilities are endless.

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