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Vinyl Wristbands


Vinyl wristbands, multi-day use durable and secure wristbands.


We have been in the industry since 1973 evolving and serving the medical and the entertainment industry with our wristbands and event supplies. We are the leading experts in vinyl wristbands with the highest selections in stock wristbands to be able to ship the same day. Vinyl wristbands are the best choice for extended wear as they are durable and secure. Vinyl id wristbands are the most durable and secure wristbands you will find on the market, making them perfect for hospitals and long term use. 


Vinyl Wristbands are made from a soft and comfortable 3 layer material that can last up to 2 weeks on. Each band has a plastic snap closure that is a onetime use only, this prevents patrons from sharing vinyl wristbands among each other. There is no reapplying these wristbands making them that much more secure.  All of our vinyl id wristbands can be customized adding more to your event to help with branding, to help with crowd control in a club, or in hospital that a patient could be a fall risk etc. Custom vinyl wristbands are multi-use bands that are very versatile and unique to you, since you can add your own logo, text or both to your vinyl id wristband helping bring awareness to what the use of the wristband is for.


Security at an affordable price.


We have affordable and cheap vinyl wristbands to be able to meet all of our customer needs and budgets as we understand that cost iis as important as quality. Custom vinyl wristband do take 12-15 business days in production, this is from the day that the proof is approved. We are always able to rush any printed vinyl wristband order to be able to meet most if not all deadlines. 


Another advantage of vinyl wristbands is the variety of colors and styles we offer. Translucent colors, are our most sought after colors since they are vibrant, bright and shiny. We also offer our solid colors which are a matte finish, perfect for medical alert bands. We offer different sizing on our vinyl wristbands our standard size is ¾” wide. Our wide vinyl wristband which is the most popular band used at hospitals has approximately 1" wide of printing space. Our wide vinyl wristbands currently are only offer in our solid colors. All of ours vinyl wristbands are made to fit most wrist even kids! Making them perfect for any kind of event. Vinyl wristbands are perfect for poolside events and water parks since they are waterproof.


Tabbed Vinyl wristbands a great alternative to tickets.


Need wristbands for ticketing? We offer vinyl wristbands with tabs, they feature a tear-off tab that can be used as a voucher for food, drinks, a giveaway, and entry or anything you would want to do specially for your event. We carry 3 tab vinyl wristbands as well as 5 tab vinyl wristbands, not only can you put your own imprint on the band but you can also customize each cash tab individually with your own text or logo. Ultimately, this can help reduce lines for concessions as well as help with security and crowd control in the entry of the event itself.


Need help making up your mind on what is best for you? You can email us directly at, a wristband expert is always ready and eager to help you with all your answer!



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