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Spring Break Wristbands

Love Spring Break? Worried about COVID-19? We can help! Keep your staff and visitors safe with security wristbands for events. Our collection of Spring Break wristbands offers a cheap and easy way to visually monitor your patrons and personnel to ensure your events remain in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. Add an extra layer of security by including text or a unique image on custom Tyvek wristbands for events. All Tyvek wristbands as well as our special Vinyl spring break multipack are fully customizable.

This year we have developed specialized products with COVID in mind. The Spring break Vinyl multi-pack gives you the option to have our most durable wristbands in a pack with 5 different colors. Each pack comes with 100 of every color. This lets the customers adapt to lower occupancy levels brought on by COVID while still providing the option for a longer-lasting wristband.




Email us at for more info on custom vinyl.

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