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Black Checkerboard Plastic Wristbands Design
Black Checkerboard Plastic Wristbands Design

Black Checkerboard Plastic Wristbands Design

Black checkerboard Plastic Wristbands. 100 or 500 Per Box


No custom print available on this product.
Plastic wristbands are used for all applications in which a visual means of identification is needed, our quality vinyl wristbands are comfortable and durable for extended wear. The non-reusable locking plastic snaps discourages transfer and increases security.


How many boxes from each color?

Printing Preferences

BE ADVISED : We control font sizes. Printing space is up to 6 inches. For specific requests use the following field to insert your comments. Please note, customizations are printed in black ink only.

These are only ava on the Internet ordering
Custom Print is now ava online*** When you order custom print online no proof is sent****
Equivalent to competitors' wristbands They are available for online orders only
Print jobs w/logo send to

We reserve the right to substitute similar colors or designs if they are out of stock without notice. You can NOTIFY US IF YOU NEED THAT specific color in the SHIPPING COMMENT box at the END of the CHECK-OUT PAGE.

How do I order Online?

Navigate to the page that contains the information or item you wish to purchase. Look at the navigation on top. Click on the item Desired. Select the wristband you are interested in.
Click Order now
You will see colors on the right-hand side. Put the number of boxes you need for the quantity you want. Example: 1, 2, 3, etc.
Underneath that, you will see Box Quantity, choose 500 boxes of 1000 boxes.
If you don't see 1000 boxes that means we do not sell those in 1000.
Choose Your printing option.
No Print Go right to "Add To Cart"
Printing option please pick your font and type your text in the appropriate area.
Logo option you will see an area to upload up to 5 logos.

When you add to the cart on the next screen you will see:
Continue Shopping, Update your Cart, or Place Order.

How do I send my artwork for custom print?

When you choose logo printing online you will see an area to upload 1 to 5 logos.
If you do not see that please check and make sure you chose text print with logo or logo printing.
If you only choose text printing you can pick your font and write your custom text online.

 How do I order Not Online?

If you do not want to order online or if any of the products need to be done through corporate please email us at
or call 800-940-3993. Extra fees do apply.


Do the wristbands or tickets come numbered?

Our Tyvek wristbands non-closeouts come numbered sequentially.
Our vinyl, plastic, cloth, and silicone wristbands do not come numbered, we can offer custom numbering extra fees apply.
Our thermal tickets do not come numbered but when you purchase custom print on this item we can number them for you.

When does my package ship?
Our shipping days do not include weekends or holidays.
For most orders that come in before 12 p.m. Eastern time, we try to get out the same day.

Priority orders such as 3 Day, 2nd Day, and overnight will be shipped same day unless there is an issue with the order.
If you are getting custom print on thermal tickets there is a 24 to the 48-hour turnaround time so this order can not go out the same day.
If you are getting custom vinyl print please email or call your order to corporate, the turnaround time on vinyl or plastic print is 7 to 10 business days.

I am tax Exempt how do I order?
Tax is not charged for any orders outside the state of Florida.
If you are located in Florida please still order online. Send us your tax exemption to  with your order number.
Once we receive this we will refund you the taxes. Next time you order the taxes will not be charged, the system will have you in there as tax-exempt.

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