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Cloth RFID Wristbands

Made from high Quality, durable material that is extremely comfortable to wear. These are great for multi-day use and high-security event.

Cloth RFID wristbands provide the ultimate level of extended-wear support in RFID  solutions. Made with high-quality fabric and an RFID slider/ locking bead closure, cloth  offers the most protection against transfer and counterfeiting. This makes cloth one of the most logical options to use as RFID wrist bands for music festivals,  RFID concert wristbands, and large venues.

RFID Cloth Wristbands used for security.

RFID Slider

  • Made from vinyl material that is durable and water proof.
  • Available in any PMS color.
  • Accepts custom imprinting and laser etched serial numbering.
  • 2.3 cm W x 3.8 cm L


Minimize Fraud

RFID technology allows you to uniquely identify each of your attendees. Unlike barcode technology, RFID cannot easily be duplicated. You can rest assured that all of your attendees have paid to attend your event, and nobody is using a counterfeit band to enter. Also using RFID, you can reduce your need for cash payments, and therefore reduce theft. In fact, many events and attractions that use RFID wristbands have eliminated cash payments entirely. Instead, guests attach their payment information to their RFID tags. Then, when it is time to get a beverage or a souvenir, just tap your wristband. Should a guest lose their wristband, you can quickly deactivate it and issue a new one.



One of the most overlooked, yet important benefits of RFID wristband technology is the data you can collect about how guests interact with your events. RFID helps you gain insights into the most trafficked areas of your event or attraction, as well as the actions being taken. Using this information, you can make data-driven decisions on the placement of concessions and souvenir stands, identify where staff is most needed, and learn how to reduce wait times.


More Meaningful Interactions

Long lines dissuade your guests and attendees from engaging with your sponsors or making an additional purchase of concessions or souvenirs. Believe it or not, RFID wristbands reduce the amount of time your guests must wait in line. Because most interactions result in merely a tap of the wrist, lines move much more quickly. This encourages guests to have more interactions, creating an overall more engaging experience. This also provides value to your sponsors as more and more guests interact and can share their information.


Cloth Wristbands RFID For Security Use


Events and Festivals

Cloth RFID wristbands are widely used at events and festivals for access control, ticketing, and cashless payment systems. They can be easily customized with event branding, colors, or logos, and are typically worn by attendees throughout the event. The RFID technology embedded in the wristbands enables quick and secure entry to different areas and allows for convenient cashless transactions.

Hospitality and Resorts

Cloth RFID wristbands are popular in the hospitality industry, especially in resorts, hotels, and water parks. Guests can wear these wristbands throughout their stay, granting them access to various amenities and services such as hotel rooms, pools, fitness centers, and restaurants. Additionally, the wristbands can be used for identification purposes, room key replacement, and even tracking guest activities for personalized experiences.

Amusement Parks and Attractions:

Cloth RFID wristbands are frequently used in amusement parks and attractions to streamline guest access and enhance visitor experiences. They can be utilized for admission to rides and attractions, locker access, photo packages, and even for tracking queue times or managing fast passes. The comfortable and waterproof nature of cloth wristbands makes them ideal for outdoor attractions.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Cloth RFID wristbands find applications in sports stadiums, gyms, and recreational facilities. They can be used for access control to different areas within the facility, such as VIP sections, member-only areas, or premium seating. These wristbands can also integrate with fitness tracking systems, allowing users to monitor their activities and access fitness equipment or group classes.

Security and Workplace Access

Cloth RFID wristbands can be employed for secure access control in various workplaces, such as offices, warehouses, or restricted areas. Employees can wear these wristbands to gain entry to specific areas, improving security and preventing unauthorized access. The RFID technology allows for easy integration with existing access control systems, making it a convenient solution.

Healthcare and Hospitals

In healthcare settings, cloth RFID wristbands can be utilized for patient identification, tracking, and access control. They can help streamline the check-in process, ensure accurate patient identification, and grant access to authorized personnel to restricted areas such as operating rooms or laboratories. The durability and comfort of cloth wristbands make them suitable for extended wear without causing discomfort to patients.


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