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Summer Wristbands

Summer Wristbands


Is your business prepared for the summer frenzy? As the weather heats up and the days get longer, you need to manage admissions, enhance security, and add flair to every event. Wristband Supply has you covered – from water and beach events to farmer’s markets and motorcycle shows – with secure and fun summer wristbands.

Why Summer Wristbands?

Summer is all about happy times and sunshine. With summer wristbands from Wristband Supply, you’re ready to welcome the busy season with open arms. Our wristbands make admissions and security easy and can help with a variety of occasions. 

We have a variety of designs for your next fishing event, pool party, or beach volleyball tournament. We also offer July 4th wristbands for barbecues, patriotic events, and firework shows! 

Camp-themed wristbands are perfect for keeping a large group of campers organized. The bands come in a variety of colors, perfect for if you have multiple groups of campers. 

Rainbow wristbands are a great way to celebrate pride. Designs that are bright and eye-catching and can be used for parades and other pride-themed gatherings.


Why Tyvek?

Tyvek wristbands from Wristband Supply are cost-effective, durable, tear-proof, and waterproof. Secure adhesive on the band allows attendees to move freely without worrying about losing or misplacing their ticket. The wristbands also feature a patented die-cut design which easily identifies tampering; this ensures that only authorized guests can enter an event. 


Why Cloth Bands?

Cloth wristbands help create a memorable experience for guests. Our locking-cloth wristbands are made from high-quality material and are comfortable, secure, and durable. Cloth wristbands serve as visible security and may also be kept as a unique souvenir. 


Summer Wristbands are Our Specialty

Summer days are long and busy. Wristband Supply is committed to producing only the highest-quality wristbands for your events. If you have questions about our summer wristbands – or any of our many wristband products – call (954) 571-3993 or email

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