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Plastic Wristbands

Plastic wristbands are the ideal ticketing and admission solution for events needing extended security. Our plastic wristbands are manufactured to last over a week, making them suitable for long-term events. These bands feature a secure locking snap that prevents the band from being accidentally removed, transferred, or resold. They are also waterproof, tamper-resistant, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Who uses plastic wristbands?


Event Planners


Event planners use plastic wristbands to validate admission to their events. Our bands ensure that gate control is less of a hassle.


Waterparks and Resorts


Our water-resistant plastic wristbands are perfect for environments where they are likely to get wet, keeping your guests engaged and secure while they enjoy their day in the water.


Academic Institutions


Schools and universities use plastic wristbands to assist in crowd control at sporting events and other occasions. They are often used to keep track of students on field trips.


Fairs and Festivals


Plastic wristbands are the preferred choice for fairs and festivals because they can be used throughout a week. In fact, they allow your guests to be granted admission multiple times to your event if necessary. 


Why choose plastic wristbands?




Crafted from resilient plastic, our wristbands are built to withstand any occasion. Rain or shine, they stay securely faceted around the wrist, making them ideal for outdoor festivals, waterparks, and long-lasting promotions.




Wristbands make it easy to confirm that your guests have paid for entry and spot trespassers. Once sealed, they can't be transferred, ensuring controlled access and security.




Not only do wristbands help you to minimize fraud at your event or facility, but they also help you save money on gate control. Compared to other alternatives, wristbands are an affordable way to keep track of patrons.


Plastic Wristbands are Our Specialty


We understand how important security is to your celebration, which is why we are committed to producing only the highest-quality admission wristbands. If you have questions about any of our many wristband products, be sure to get in touch with us. You can call us at (954) 571-3993, or by email at


Plastic Wristbands

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