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Spring Break Wristbands

Spring break wristbands, tickets, and party supplies

The spring-event season is right around the corner, with everything from Mardi Gras to Spring Break coming up. As you prepare for a busy season, don’t forget valuable tools for you and your staff: wristbands, tickets, and party event supplies!


Benefits of spring break wristbands and tickets

Wristband Specialty is your home for all of your spring break essentials. Spring break wristbands and tickets help ensure a level of safety and security for guests and staff. And our products help you do much more:


- Verify age
- Monitor access
- Recognize VIPs
- Highlight drink specials
- Build brand recognition
- Generate revenue (wristbands can be a fun souvenir idea)


Most Popular Supplies for Spring Break Locations 

Don't scramble before spring break to get the supplies you need. Order early to ensure enough time for customization if desired. If you are in a pinch, Wristband Specialty offers a convenient, pick-up option for local businesses.


Below are some creative ways that our customers are using Wristband Specialty products to promote their businesses and make more money during the busy spring break period. 


 Cash Tag Wristbands used for beverage samples

1. Vinyl Cash Tag Wristbands

Vinyl cash tag wristbands are wristbands with pull off-tabs. They are soft and comfortable with a three-layer construction meaning a longer life span. The reason they are so popular for spring break is that they are a great promotional tool. 


Local bars and nightclubs can use cash tag wristbands for food and drink specials. If someone enjoys a beverage or food item, then servers simply take off one of the pull-off tabs. Once all of the pull-off tabs are gone, then servers know to stop serving that person. In addition, the wristbands are non-transferable, so businesses don't have to worry about patrons sharing the wristbands. 


Another promotional idea with cash tag wristbands is encouraging repeat visits. The first night that someone goes to a bar or nightclub, they receive a wristband. For every night the customer returns, one of their pull tabs is removed. Once all of the tabs are removed, then the customer receives a free drink. The strong, but comfortable vinyl wristbands can last for several days making them perfect for repeat visitor promotions. 


Age Verified Wristbands make bartenders lives easier


2. Tyvek® Age Verified Wristbands 


As patrons fill your business, make the lives of your bartenders and servers a little easier by purchasing age-verified wristbands. Servers no longer need to worry about asking for IDs every time they serve a customer. They simply need to verify that the customer has the correct wristband. Tyvek® wristbands are great for one-time use and cannot be transferred to another person once they are applied to someone's wrist. 


Wristband Specialty offers wristbands that say 'Over 21', but you can also customize your own Tyvek® wristbands to say 'Age Verified', or 'Under 21' if you are hosting an under 18 night. The designs and text options are endless with this versatile wristband. 


 Raffle Tickets are great for food and beverage promotions


3. Tickets


If you don't want to use wristbands, then tickets can also be a great way to promote your business during spring break. Tickets are great for raffles or can be used for food and beverage vouchers.


Tickets are easy to customize to avoid fraud. One way that our customers have used tickets in the past is by having a 'perfect match' night. When someone enters the bar or nightclub, they are given a ticket with a unique number on it. Patrons then have to find the person that has the same number of tickets as them. Whoever finds their 'perfect match' first, gets a free drink.


Want to generate even more sales? A good tool is to use our shot tubes to promote pre-made drinks at your venue. With our racks and our tubes, you can prepare your bartenders and drink staff to promote more and in return generate more sales.


    Stock or custom-designed spring break wristbands and tickets are available!

    What are the proper products for your event? That’s where Wristband Specialty can help. Our made-in-the-USA wristbands and tickets are completely customizable, whether you want a product to last one day or serve as a long-term keepsake. Many orders can be shipped within 24 hours or pick up from our Florida location is available!


    To get you started, our most popular spring break products are listed above.



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