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Spring Break - Is your Business Prepared?


In the month of March and April college students begin flocking to spring break vacation destinations from coast to coast. Spring Break wristbands are an affordable solution for hotels, beaches, nightclubs, restaurants and special events to keep track of their guest’s admissions and provide security measures for larger crowds.


With different COVID restrictions we are encouraging our patrons to protect their clientele as well as their staff with wristbands. Whether they are temperature check, days of the week, or stock solid color we provide a variety of wristbands to help keep you and those around you safe during this season. We even carry a days of the week COVID pre-screened set of wristbands that will help you distinguish your screened customers from everyone else. 


Hotels are a perfect example of a business that can benefit from spring break wristbands. Hotels may have different meal and drink packages. Wristbands are a great way for the hotel staff to differentiate whom has a meal and drink package and who doesn’t. Wristbands are also a great way to keep track of actual guests of the hotel or by visitors. Water resistant wristbands are a great solution for hotel pool parties and beach goers.


Nightclubs will also benefit greatly from wristbands for spring break. With large amounts of club hopping party goers, large crowds with different admission levels, bar packages, all-inclusive deals, wristbands are in fact the best way for nightclubs to keep track of their crowds. Wristbands also can help to prevent underage drinking. Our wristbands are secure and are not able to be transferred from one guest to another.


Wristband Specialty has a wide selection of wristbands to help your business prepare for spring break. Our wristbands are stylish and secure. Our Tyvek Fiber Bands feature a wide assortment of colors, designs and a hidden security mark that can be seen with a black light. These are an affordable option that can be fully customized with your business’s logo branding. They are made of a thicker Tyvek material and difficult to remove and tamper with.


Vinyl wristbands also come in a large assortment of colors and styles. We offer solid colors, translucent, wavy and cash tags. Vinyl wristbands can also be customized to match your business branding. They are extremely secure with a one-time snap and cannot be slipped off. They are also water resistant which is beneficial to hotels with pool, beach access, beach clubs and special events with water. Cash Tag vinyl are a great way to give free drinks, track meals and admission. Each tab can be customized to suit the event.


Is your business prepared for spring break? Contact us today at 954-571-3993 to go over your wristband needs. We offer very fast friendly service with great pricing. We also offer same day print and ship on our Tyvek products. Need custom event tickets, Mardi Gras beads or drink test tube shots? Wristband Specialty offers a large assortment of products ready to go for your spring break events!

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