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It's Starting to Look a lot like Christmas

Christmas, a holiday that may mean  different things for many of us. Maybe this holiday will give us all chance to be with loved ones, maybe its an opportunity to establish  traditions with a new founded family. However to event planners Christmas may mean tons of Christmas decorations, late nights, last minute additions in other words chaos. Here at WBS we know how overwhelming event planning may be and we have found an event checklist  that can be super useful. We have also found a downloadable/printable version of the checklist here and a list of the Top 50 High end Luxury Event Planners  here.


One aspect of many events that is often overlooked is event security. Sometimes depending on the size and location of the party it may be hard to determine which patrons are in fact supposed to be attending the event. One solution that is easy to work and cost effective are Christmas wristbands. These low costing Tyvek® Wristbands  are perfect for any event. From small family gatherings to large stadium filled concerts.


We offer a variety of custom holiday designs including Hanukkah wristbands, Kwanzaa wristbands, and neutral designs such as snowmen and snowflake wristbands. By purchasing a pre-designed wristbands you are ultimately insuring that event attendees will be wearing exclusive wristbands that only the event coordinator may have access to. Often party crashers will go to their local party store and purchase generic wristbands to try and attend these events. Add another layer of security by purchasing our
Customizable holiday wristbands. customizable Holiday wristbands where you can add a touch of your event to our assortment of our Holiday icons.


Our Holiday icon wristbands come in a variety of colors with many different holiday themed icons to choose from.  Accommodating to any event regardless of venue, location, color and theme. By consistently changing your wristbands colors and imprint you are creating a situation that is virtually unique and ultimately safe against gate crashers.


Another great use for Holiday wristbands may be to differentiate between the different sections of the event or party. Sometimes for office parties or larger events you need to specify between VIP, staff, or maybe even general admission attendees. We have created an ideal collection of Unique wristbands that offer these pre-printed wristbands at a discounted rate. Making it easier for event organizers to plan out the event hassle free.


Purchase your wristbands online today at the convenience of your home and wrap up any event with that security and peace of mind you need. 

Have any questions regarding wristbands or how they can work for your Holiday event, See the helpful links below, Checkout our FAQ or Email, Call or Chat with us today.


Holiday Wristbands  Holiday Wristband Colors Wristband Types
Christmas Wristbands Red  Wristbands Tyvek Wristbands
Hanukkah Wristbands Blue Wristbands Design Tyvek Wristbands
Kwanzaa Wristbands Green Wristbands Vinyl Wristbands
New Years Wristbands Gold Wristbands Custom Vinyl Wristbands
Custom  Design wristbands Silver Wristbands Plastic Wristbands
Full Color Holiday wristbands White Wristbands Custom Plastic Wristbands
Metallic Wristbands Cloth Wristbands
Multi Value Pack Wristbands Silicone Wristbands


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