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Green Time Fun.


On March 17th people across the country celebrate St Patrick’s Day.  St Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland. The festivities are in celebration of Irish culture. The celebrations include parades, bar parties, bar crawls, Irish food, music, green clothing and face painting.


Bars and restaurants could greatly benefit incorporating a wristband strategy for St. Patrick’s Day. Tyvek printed over & under 21 wristbands are an effective way to make sure people who aren’t supposed to be drinking at your St Patrick day celebration don’t. It is also a great way to track admission and for crowd control into the venues. Towns and cities could also greatly benefit from St Patrick’s Day wristbands for similar reasons. Wristbands are an affordable option and serve a great purpose for any holiday event.


Bar Crawls are a growing trend for St Patrick’s Day parties. Large groups of people move from bar to bar for parties and drink specials. Custom vinyl is a great option for St Patrick’s day bar crawls. Vinyl wristbands feature a one-time snap. This security feature prevents transfer of the wristband. For example an of age drinking passing the wristband to an underage drinker. Wristbands are a simple way to supervise drinking ages. Custom vinyl wristbands are also extremely durable and will last for long lengths of time.


Wristband Specialty offers custom green wristbands in an assortment of styles. We offer Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, cloth and silicone. Our green wristbands are a perfect addition for your St Patrick’s celebrations.



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