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Back to school already? It's that time again.

It's back to school season again! With the new school year approaching comes changes such as: new teachers, new students, new programs and new bus routes. Some children will participate in new aftercare programs and daycares.

Back to school wristbands in yellow, red and orange solid colors

Utilizing identifying wristbands helps ease confusion, provides organization and safety for students and staff alike. Printed wristbands also help keep students organized via school field trips. Custom printed wristbands with the school name and contact information can help students that get lost get help back to their group. Our specialized school wristbands help create a peace of mind. School staff can help confused students find their new classroom numbers and buses with our School Bus Wristbands. 

 Busrider wristbands available in a variety of colors.

Staff are able to write information on the Tyvek wristbands ( bus #, classroom #, teacher’s name etc.) and this helps guide students to the correct bus or class. Tyvek wristbands are an easy and affordable solution for schools. Custom wristbands are a great product to use on school field trips. They are easily customizable and can include your contact information. The bright colors are easy to notice in a crowd. Tyvek wristbands are extremely durable and not easily transferred or tore off. Wristbands help bring a group together and to stick together on outings. Information such as teacher’s name, bus number, telephone and email are some examples of what can be custom printed on the wristbands.


Emergencies at school can be chaotic and extremely frightening for children. Emergency preparedness wristbands are a great way for staff to prepare and plan. Wristbands can help staff to identify and locate students during drills. The wristbands can be custom printed and included in your emergency plan packages. Read more about disaster and emergency preparedness for school age children. 


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