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Paper Wristbands

Paper Wristbands

Are Wristbands Actually Made From Paper?

Wristband Specialty wristbands are actually not made from paper; they are made from a more robust material called Tyvek. DuPont Tyvek is a heavy-duty, premium-grade, paper-like material which is why this material makes for the best wristbands. The strong material makes it so our bands are long-lasting and comfortable for all wearers simultaneously! Also, even though our wristbands are not actually paper they are still very safe for the environment by being recyclable!

Customizable Wristbands

Considering our wristbands are made from a paper-like material they are very easy to customize with ink printing. People tend to customize their wristbands with messages, logos, images, QR codes, and/or barcodes, imprinted onto the bands. Custom wristbands take our stock Tyvek wristband security to the next level due to being personalized making them not easy to be reproduced by a fake customer. Furthermore, if you do customize wristbands with something such as a logo the people wearing the wristbands will be giving your logo a free promotion by wearing the bands!

Paper Wristbands Are Great For Events

Tyvek paper wristbands are great for bar security, concerts, event crowd control, age verification, and more. Tyvek wristbands are the most commonly used wristbands for events due to their incredibly low price while still being incredibly strong and lightweight. They are perfect for short-term use and have security die cuts to prevent tampering and use from multiple people. Our cheap wristbands for events come in two sizes, ¾ inch width by 10 inches long and 1-inch width by 10 inches long.

Other Wristbands

Paper wristbands are great, cheap onetime use wristbands that are perfect for shorter events. But if you would like wristbands that will last longer than a few days we recommended our plastic and/or our vinyl wristbands. They are just as comfortable as the Tyvek bands but just made from a little stronger material so they can last longer for longer events.


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