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What Are Those Paper Wristbands Actually Made Of?


Paper wristbands. They are the most common type of security band in the market. You expect to see them used at festivals, nightclubs, and conventions and it’s for good reason! They’re cheap and durable making these the best option for huge gatherings. You can’t easily tear them off either so needless to say they aren’t actually made of paper. The material used is called Tyvek and it’s great for so many other uses beyond event security. 




Tyvek is a synthetic material discovered in 1955 at DuPont, an American chemical and textile company when a researcher working in an experimental lab noticed some fluffy white goo coming out of a pipe. Luckily for him, that white stuff was a form of polyethylene and not a terrifying Cronenberg type of alien monster. DuPont scored a patent for the discovery within a year. After some more experiments, the white fluff was spun at high speeds to produce the durable fabric that we use today.



The material is not easy to tear or rip up, however, scissors or a knife can cut through it without difficulty. It also has the ability to keep out liquid water but allows water vapor to pass through. Because of these properties, in addition to being lightweight and chemical resistant, Tyvek has been used in a variety of applications since the actual brand became available for commercial purposes in April 1967. This plastic fabric can be found being used in hospitals, construction sites and even in the fashion industry. Due to Tyvek’s strong durability and washability, it’s commonly used in garment and textile labeling. American Apparel once experimented with a line of white Tyvek shorts and Fiorucci created a whole collection of clothing made of Tyvek in 1976.


While glamorous Tyvek fashion probably didn't stick, it found practical use as disposable one-time use coveralls such as coats, zip-up suits, and aprons for mechanics, painters, insulation installers, and laboratory workers.



So many uses for Tyvek have been developed and experimented on since then from extremely light yet durable backpacks, handbags, and other light luggage to fully customizable Tyvek wallets and wristbands! Whatever you need Tyvek for you can trust that this soft and light material will last.


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